How to Calm Down using Energy! (Medicine)

Taking down the Power when Stressed 

One of my favorite ask Teal Swan videos is… “How to get rid of Anxiety: A Natural Cure.” Check it out if you suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks.(on my video page.)

In this very helpful video, Teal touches on the fact that extreme anxiety can be a physiological response more than a psychological response and lists helpful tools to keep it from controlling your life. This is good news! That means you can learn to calm down. Learning how to calm down will powerfully put you in the driver’s seat when you feel overwhelmed, anxious or upset.

Let’s talk some more about this physiological state also called, the fight-or-flight response. Who or what is behind this mysterious survival emergency response that has been with us since the beginning of time? Traditional Chinese Medicine introduces it as, Triple Warmer, an energy meridian whose role is like the military General of the immune system! 

What are meridians? Meridians are part of an intricate network of electromagnetic pathways running through the body in which our life force energies flow. These life force energies are called by different names: Chi, Ki or Prana, depending on the culture. There are 14 of these light pathways whose job is to maintain balance to our organs, glands and systems and influence so much of how we feel physically and emotionally. If they are flowing without obstruction, we feel healthy and inspired, but if they’re blocked, stuck or stagnent we feel pain, lethargy and a general sense of low vitality and unwellness.

Understanding Triple Warmer and learning how to work with it will go a long ways in making the difference from feeling empowered or a victim of your body’s own defense system! Let’s learn more about Triple Warmer.

Triple Warmer heats the body in three different ways. 1. When the body is in balance, heat is distributed evenly. 2. When you become angry, blood and heat rise to your face, neck, and chest and you become red and flushed, prepared for a fight. 3. When you are afraid, blood leaves the upper part of your body and goes to your legs so you can run faster. That’s why your face turns white when you are terrified.

“Triple Warmer is an incredibly intelligent energy system, the mastermind of your immune system.” says Donna Eden, energy medicine pioneer. “When there is a real threat it is superb at keeping you alive and healthy.”

But in today’s society, threat can mean anything from a traffic jam to the pressure of getting that project done before deadline. Triple Warmer doesn’t know the difference between the stress you feel in these situations and the stress our ancestors felt from worrying a sabor-toothed tiger was around the corner! It’s running on an old program. When Triple Warmer feels the stress levels rise in that traffic jam it sounds the alarm! The adrenals promptly release cortisol into the bloodstream and now you are ready to fight or take flight! 

But what if you nothing to fight and there is no threat? The elevated cortisol levels stay in the blood and it can become a serious problem. If this stress hormone is not released, it builds up in the body and can lead to all kinds of diseases and early aging and death. It’s considered Public Enemy #1 in the United States. It’s what behind road rage and why people fly off the handle and snap at the slightest provocation.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,(PTSD) is Triple Warmer in Hyper-Drive. Living with PTSD is adding another layer of stress to your nervous system besides the normal everyday stress. An innocent smell, sound or memory can trigger an emergency response that literally makes you feel like you are living in a war zone in your body. When Triple Warmer is always on high alert and you are constantly in fight-or-flight, instead of protecting you, your immune response has become a hindrance and feels like the enemy.

Is there anything we can do to help Triple Warmer evolve and catch up with the times? There sure is. By simply holding specific accupressure points on your head (neurovasculars) while you are experiencing fear and stress emotions, you are literally reprogramming your autonomic nervous system to not go into a crisis response when you feel upset or stressed. While holding these points, you are bringing the blood back into the forebrain where you can now rationally think out a situation and take back control from the “let’s react without thinking” reptilian part of the brain. Triple Warmer will back down and you feel calmer and in control. Whew!

Try this while doing the Completion Process on your own. Holding these neurovascular points calms Triple Warmer and enables the process of being present with your emotions much easier.

Understand that Triple Warmer isn’t going to let go of old habits very easily… especially if they were linked to your survival. It’s smart and it figured out ways to keep you safe from those unpleasant emotions all your life. Just because you decide these emotions are now acceptable, Triple Warmer doesn’t necessarily agree. Your decision to be unconditionally present with unpleasant emotions doesn’t feel like “standard operating procedure” and it’s going to sound out the alarm. Holding the neurovasculars that sedate Triple Warmer will change this old habit or program.

On my videos page are some incredibly easy techniques developed by author and teacher, Donna Eden that will help calm and sedate Triple Warmer very quickly and give the message that you are safe! Try these techniques any time you feel stressed or anxious. There’s also a 5 minute daily energy routine to keep your energies flowing as well as a 10 minute Gigong routine to reduce cortisol levels and move the tense stress energies out of your body.

Teal suggests: “If you struggle with anxiety, be deliberate about setting up a schedule and routine that keeps the stress energies minimal. You can control the amount of anxiety with diet, exercise, good rest, laughing, doing things you love as well as connecting with people that make you feel good.” Sedating Triple Warmer is one more tool to add to that list!

Talk to Triple Warmer and reassure it that you want the best for yourself. Encourage it to relax. Let it know you are safe. Learn to work with this incredibly intelligent energy system, honor it for the job it has done and continues to do to make you safe and healthy.

Blessings on your journey back to wholeness!