Emotional Integration  ~ Divine Reconnection

Our deepest SOUL WORK is unconditionally accepting Ourselves,

 Especially for our parts we disown

self-hatred, fear and shame 

  a Compass to One’s Wounding

 Your parts calling for Help,

Seeking Attention and Love




Susanne Oliver-Hikel

Emotional Rebirth Coach- Soul Retrieval ~ Medicine of the Spirit



Suzanne is an amazing practitioner, with so many  skills and experiences that she brings to her work. What I love about sessions with Suzanne is that she really takes the time to get her clients into a space of feeling connected and safe at the beginning of the journey work, which helps everything to go so smoothly. Her guided meditations are awesome. And she is there with me step-by-step throughout the process, with a wonderful ability to connect to the emotions and dynamics that I’m experiencing in my internal world. The sessions I’ve had with her have been moving and impactful, and I always see a shift in my life and ways of relating with others soon after working with Suzanne. 

Amanda H.