Blake Dyer & Susan at a reunion in Central Park, New York after a Teal Swan workshop.
Blake Dyer & Susan at a workshop reunion in New York.

Suzanne Hikel

Completion Process
Certified Practitioner

Certified Life Coach,
Reflexologist, Spiritual Healer

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Life’s traumatic moments have left many of us feeling shattered, wounded or “lost.” We might not even remember or know why and a return to wholeness feels impossible. The mind is very good at creating “stories” or beliefs to explain the pain that life is filtered through. Our thoughts and beliefs shape how we feel and how we respond to life’s present events. By becoming conscious of “your story” you are empowered to change it. The Completion Process helps you remember “where the story started.”

The Completion Process has been a deep and transformative blessing in my life as well as hundreds of my clients. This Process reconnects and reintegrates the lost soul parts and brings a lasting shift in the way you perceive yourself. Are you ready to reinterpret your past and reclaim your power? Life is too short to be in bondage to the past. I honor your bravery in taking that first step to commit to your healing… Let me be there to help you with the next. Contact me today.

IN love and light,


 being you