My name is Susanne. Through my own personal journey of of overcoming PTSD and depression due to unmet childhood needs, I’ve come to believe anything is possible if one desires it with all their heart. Especially in the realms of self healing and spiritual transformation because we are wired for wholeness!

I have always been a seeker, always hungering for the answers…to everything. Especially to understand my own conflicts within. The last 20 years have been dedicated to exploring and immersing myself in numerous paths of healing modalities from energy medicine to the esoteric. Practicing on clients in reiki, Eden energy medicine and reflexology as well as completing courses in qigong, shamanism and spiritual empowerment, it became clear to me that the root of all physical and mental illness is unprocessed negative emotions and beliefs. When I saw that Teal Swan was offering a new practitioner certificate course called, The Completion Process, I was in! I applied and attended her first class and my path became clear. This process changed my life and my passion became studying the human shadow, ego and the powerful inner healer called the super- conscious that is ready and waiting to assist when we ask!  

Feeling incomplete like something is missing is a common condition. As are self sabotaging patterns of behavior that prevent one from manifesting their dreams and goals. So many feel helpless to these powerful negative states of being and don’t understand why! What I have experienced through my own healing work and working with others is that humans truly are a mixture of sub-identities and aspects of personality that psychoanalyst Carl Jung called the “Shadow self” that are unconsciously running our life in the background. These unconscious shadowy parts are like little children asking to be seen, heard, acknowledged and loved so they can be healed and integrated back into the whole of the being.      

The good news is your inner healer is ready and waiting to help! I am a guide to help you to access your inner healer and hold space for your subconscious wounded parts that need to be seen, accepted and loved. Deep within us there is a place that is untouched by life’s pain. You can learn to access this space and integrate the shadowy parts you weren’t aware of and bring them into the light of consciousness. It’s a beautiful process of self love and validation that leaves you feeling more complete, whole and at one with yourself and life! 

If you are ready to shift your life forward, book a complimentary 30 minute exploratory call and let’s chat today! I look forward to hearing from you.  


Susanne 💜


“Susanne is a brilliant practitioner. She guided me through super intense experiences I wouldn’t be able to go through myself. I am struggling with dissociation, anxiety, consequences of emotional neglect and criticism and it is really hard to do the completion process on my own. I would suggest sessions with Susan to anyone, it was such a pleasant experience, her presence, her calmness and ability to radiate the feeling of love and acceptance was so pure that I started to believe I was worthy of presence and love.”

B.B. Latvia