Greetings and welcome to my page. Through my own personal, epic journey of of overcoming chronic anxiety and depression due to unmet childhood needs, I’ve come to believe anything is possible if one desires it with all their heart! Especially in the realm of healing and wholistic transformation because… we are destined and wired for wholeness!

I’ve always been a seeker and always knew there was more than the surface of reality. I hungered for answers to everything! I especially wanted to understand my own conflicts and fears within. The last 20 years have been dedicated to exploring and immersing myself in numerous paths and teachings of wellness and healing modalities to understand myself better as well as to be able to share what I learned with others.

For almost 15 years I have worked with clients utilizing alternative healing practices such as Reiki, Eden energy medicine and reflexology as well as completing courses in qigong, shamanism and spiritual empowerment. It soon became clear to me that the root of all physical and mental illness is unprocessed negative emotions and beliefs. I became open to guidance how to help someone access stuck emotional pain. Teal Swan’s, The Completion Process became the foundation for what has now become, “Wholistic Rebirth Transformation.”    

What does this technique address? Feeling incomplete like something is missing, feeling out of control and life is passing you by, repeating, negative patterns that make one feel stuck and helpless, feeling constant anxiety and worried, depressed or conflicted by life’s choices. 

What I have experienced through my personal healing and working with others is that humans truly are a mixture of sub-identities and aspects of personality that psychoanalyst Carl Jung called the “Shadow self” that are unconsciously running our life in the background. These unseen aspects in the shadows are like little children asking to be seen, heard, acknowledged and loved so they can be healed and integrated back into the whole of the being.      

The good news…we all have an inner healer that is ready and waiting to help. Once you decide to pursue your healing, as I hold deep presence for you, we witness the beautiful interplay of yourself, your superconscious or divine self as many believe reunite with your unconscious self and lead us through your intention and desire to ultimately where you need love and attention most. Ultimately it is the presence and love that heals. 

Deep within us there is a place that is untouched by life’s pain. As part of this process, you can learn to access this space anytime after our session. You will  also become aware of the disowned aspects of self that one tends to push away because of the negative moments or emotions attached. We bring them into the light of awareness. Reuniting with these lost aspects is often a beautiful moment of self love and validation that has brought tears to my client’s eyes.

All during the session you feel supported by a higher force or superconscious self that will help you achieve your healing intentions for the session just the way you need feeling more complete, whole and on a higher vibration after the session is over.  

I am here if you are ready to start your journey of reclamation and rebirth, 




“Susanne is a brilliant practitioner. She guided me through super intense experiences I wouldn’t be able to go through myself. I am struggling with dissociation, anxiety, consequences of emotional neglect and criticism and it is really hard to do the completion process on my own. I would suggest sessions with Susan to anyone, it was such a pleasant experience, her presence, her calmness and ability to radiate the feeling of love and acceptance was so pure that I started to believe I was worthy of presence and love.”

B.B. Latvia