Success Stories

I noticed that I had been feeling like I didn’t have enough time in my life to do what I truly wanted to do. I had this feeling even when I really did have the time, like when I had a few days off of work ahead of me or several hours of free time. I would feel frozen, stuck, and overwhelmed in these moments, unable to embrace inspiration when it would grace me. I delved into this feeling during a completion process session with Susanne and discovered an aspect of myself from my childhood who had been expected to do things which were productive even in my free time. My interests and things which brought me joy like making art or playing with friends had been considered a waste of my time. While things my parents thought were important like reading intellectual books and studying languages were considered valuable and more appropriate for me even when I had no interest in them. During our session, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs that I had adopted from these experiences, beliefs like “It isn’t valuable for me to do things if they aren’t productive” and “Doing things for fun is a waste of my time.” Susanne helped me to let go of those limiting beliefs and to feel what was really true for me. I learned that my truth is that “Doing things that I enjoy is valuable simply because they bring me joy” and “I came here as a creative being so when I feel inspired to do something, it is valuable and it is important.” After letting go of those limiting beliefs and allowing my child self to experience intuitively following what she wanted to do in my mental safe space, I noticed a profound shift. I felt this stillness and presence within myself that I have not felt for a very long time. I could just be and it was okay. I could experience the current moment and enjoy what it had to offer without any resistance to it whatsoever. It was the complete opposite of the trigger that I had gone into this session to address. I feel so grateful for this experience and the change within myself that has occured. Thank you, Susanne!
I hope you have a good week!
Lots of love ♥️
Before my first session with Susanne, I was unsure that the completion process would even work for me. I had struggled with it on my own and I was also afraid of being vulnerable by getting someone to help me with it. I am grateful that I had the bravery within me to take that step, to meet with Susanne and have my first completion process session with her. She has a calming, gentle and kind presence and I have found that she is excellent at helping me to feel safe and at ease. I trust her.

Susanne helped me to discover to my surprise that the completion process does work for me. Together we have been able to dig up and resolve pain within me that I don’t think I would have ever been able to resolve without this process. Doing this has not only been immensely healing and freeing, but it has transformed my life. For example, during one session, she helped me to resolve a childhood trauma that was triggered by a recent bad experience with my manager at work. The following day when I went to work, that manager handed in his resignation! Since then I have experienced a much better work environment. During another session, we worked together to get to the root of an issue I had with taking action towards my goals. I was exhausted as usual after that session but felt unusually motivated to do the things that before had been so difficult for me. Without even trying, I began automatically doing housework I had been neglecting for example.

Susanne is excellent at guiding me in the right direction to get to the root of of things. I am deeply grateful for her help and for this process.

Veronika, US


I do feel extremely blessed to have connected with someone with whom I can truly trust to express, dive deep into my wounds or dark spaces within, and know that you hold me (on every level). That’s super important for me I know, as I never had anyone in my life I could trust this much, especially not a female, let alone male. But it’s helped me trust myself more and following my intuition paid off in spades when I found and connected with you.

Your sessions have been a major component that have supported me to shift my internal energy – from my internal fractured parts in dissonance or hiding within me, into uniting back into wholeness in resonance, all of which has affected my perspective, motivation and sense of presence in the now. It truly has been a large component of the shifts actualizing that I’ve explained earlier. It’s as if my internal channels were blocked and now energy is flowing easily and effortlessly for when and how I need it. ⛲️ Coming back into wholeness is the holy grail, the foundation of youth elixir, that everyone through your history so eagerly and fervently tried to find.

Keep offering your amazing services and your heart to others who are ready for these types of uniquely individualized transformations, because how I’ve experienced mine is like no others, we will all creatively experience what’s required for our selves – how divinely delicious!!

? Many thanks to you for being you Suzanne.

You are my grace ?

Karen,  Australia


“My first session with Susan was amazing and crazy. I saw so many pictures and stories of my life. I also saw the whole universe that we are more than the earth and that everything is connected. I also witnessed myself that it is split in so many parts and I think that is the reason why I feel torn back and forth. Those pieces belong to me. When all the pieces come together, I am one with myself. There are a lot of influences from my parents. In this session I understood my feelings about my biological father. I still have the hate and the anger. It is time to release him, because I want to live without all the hate and the anger.  I see him not as a demon. He is just a human that probably was hurt like me. Now it is okay I will let him go…. and Live in Peace and Love.

I created with Susan a new safe place with my angel. She takes care of the saved children and at the end of the session all the children were one with me and all the parts became one. I had the feeling that I am ready to have my own children. And also my teenager self was hurt, because nobody accepted him and he just wanted to be loved. I can give him the love he deserves. He is now happy, and he has the perfect friends and lovely girlfriend. He can now integrate as a part of me. When I looked to my past, I only saw the small bubble of my dad and nothing more. When I look into my future, I see a big, bright light ball. With the help of Susan. I could combine it all together. Now I am in the present. I can live with my past and with the future in one. They are not separated anymore. Today I can feel the word of Susan. It feels like water floating by me. Susan helped me also to rewrite my negative beliefs to positive beliefs. I am not angry or frustrated anymore. I have to take care of myself and listen more to myself.

Zee, Germany


“I’ve only had three sessions, so far. And, wow! The amount of healing that takes is amazing. It is tremendous. I’ve come from a desperate, dark place. But, I feel like a different person now. She doesn’t only do CP. She has her healing energy that pours into every session. That and the CP create such a grounding, healing, safe atmosphere. If you are an empath, psychic, or sensitive, I recommend you to her. In today’s session, I healed many of the most traumatic experiences from my childhood, and I feel like this single session was worth 1000 sessions of talk therapy. (At least it was for me.) Her guidance and healing create life-long healing. And, I am more optimistic in living my life. Thank you so much.

-Anonymous, TN


I have been working with Susan for over a year now, and I am amazed at the progress we have made together. I went through significant dramas, some of which date back to my early childhood and teenage years – spanning a decade. It was incredibly difficult for me to navigate through all the pain, anger, hopelessness, and loneliness. There were moments when I wanted to give up because the burden felt overwhelming. The thoughts seemed incessant, persisting even in my dreams. I constantly believed that something was profoundly wrong with me, unsure if I would ever find happiness.

However, a voice from within me reassured me that this is my path. After each session, a glimmer of light began to emerge from the darkness within. I cried more intensely than I ever had before, and those tears became a source of healing. Gradually, I gained a heightened awareness of why I acted, felt, and thought the way I did. The light continued to grow, accompanied by a sense of hope that I had never experienced before. I started listening to my heart and delving into my past experiences.

Despite the dramas and setbacks, I persisted because of this resilient inner voice. In the past month, I achieved a significant breakthrough, as the process of addressing past dramas facilitated my healing journey. Now I can finally glimpse my true self – embracing my essence. Love, joy, and gratitude fill me as I begin to connect with higher emotions. This transition is invigorating, and I’m embracing it wholeheartedly.

I am now aligning myself with my dreams, rekindling a childlike ability to dream freely. I have forgiven my past self and accepted my history. My desire is to exist harmoniously within time and the universe, without worrying about what the future may hold. I’ve shed my fear and become one with the present moment. I’ve come to realize that whatever unfolds in the future will happen as it’s meant to.

Zee, Germany


I am so grateful and happy to share my amazing journey of healing after just 2 sessions. Working with Suzanne and The Completion Process has changed my life in very positive ways. I’ve worked through some childhood trauma which in turn has given me both mental and physical relief. I suffered from vertigo for months and after just 2 sessions, it is gone completely! I have also found that the negative chatter in my mind around my family has halted. I have found my voice and I am now able to set up clear boundaries. I am living my best life with my truth and my happiness. My husband and my daughter have both noticed and commented that my conversation has become less obsessed about my family and trying to please others as well as making excuses for what people do negatively in regards to me. I’m truly blessed and grateful for Susannes healing work. I highly recommend this healing practice for so many different traumas as it really works and offers beautiful tools to draw from. With a happy heart and much gratitude, thank you Susanne.?❤️

Allison, Oregon


I had my first CP session with Susanne yesterday. We went deep! She is an amazing practitioner, experienced and gentle. She held space for my emotions and was fully present and intuitive during the whole session. She calmed me down, as I was quite anxious in the beginning. Susanne is not only facilitating, but she is guiding you through the experience. As she is highly intuitive, it feels like she is there with you, experiencing it all with you. We not only resolved my own childhood trauma, but did ancestral work with a childhood memory of my mother! This was unexpected and scary at first, but Susanne safely led me through it. I feel wonderful, more complete and connected to my true essence/inner child now. I also noticed some changes in my mother! I would recommend her also for people like me who have a mother wound. She has amazing maternal/divine feminine energy. I can’t wait to work with her again. Thank you Susanne!


On June 29th 2021, I went through the two hour completion process with Susanne Hikel. It was one of the most beautiful, validating, insightful,healing experiences I’ve had the honor of being guided through. I felt an immediate sense that Susanne and I were a good fit. She has a calm soothing voice with an excellent vocabulary and a warm personality. She’s an amazing healer, I’m so grateful to have found her.
Allison ❤


After 6 sessions with Susan, I can feel the tremendous long-term impact. Every sessions is great, for sure, but this is nothing compared to the long-term effect. For sure you still have the ups and downs in life, but my average vibration is way higher now. I noticed that I share and love people now – not because I had been taught to or because it makes sense – but only because I feel like sharing and loving. It is 100% genuine. Negative feelings like loneliness and sadness and my lack of self-love are just gone. With Susan’s help, I am now able to access talents and skills, I was never able to access before. For example, I discovered that I am a very creative being. Before, I considered myself as rather rational thinking. I was able to let this part free, because Susan helped me to release fear that was deeply ingrained inside me. Thank you Susan for helping me with all of that. You are amazing!

Danny, Germany


Suzanne is an amazing Completion Process practitioner, with so many other skills and experiences that she brings to her work. What I love about sessions with Suzanne is that she really takes the time to get her clients into a space of feeling connected and safe at the beginning of the journey work, which helps everything to go so smoothly. Her guided meditations are awesome. And she is there with me step-by-step throughout the process, with a wonderful ability to connect to the emotions and dynamics that I’m experiencing in my internal world. The sessions I’ve had with her have been moving and impactful, and I always see a shift in my life and ways of relating with others soon after working with Suzanne.

– Amanda H.


Dear Susan,

We greet you and send you a loving hug ! !

Since my daughter received the three sessions from you she has unfolded and grown in the most surprising ways.

From the timid and ever more despairing adolescent she jumped, in the laps of few months, to being an outgoing young woman. She dances, makes music and even sings in the presence of other people. Something still unthinkable a short while back.

She has regained much of her spontaneity and freshness she has had as a child.

There are still restlessness and difficulty sleeping at night and she continues taking medication, a situation she wishes to remedy in time.

Susan, when we first talked I was very touched by the warmth and confidence that radiated from you.

That my daughter should be able to overcome a severe emotional brake down and symptoms of years of child abuse within three sessions, as you announced, was hard to believe though.

Now, three months later, I have hardly words to describe the changes and the relief.

The completion process sessions with you accomplished a miracle.

My daughter has her life back.

The gentleness and sensitivity with which you guided her through the process was amazing. It was obvious that the girl was not only at ease but also looking forward to working with you.

I also was surprised how much closeness and deep healing could occur over distance, connecting on-line through Skype.

I felt, that the work you accomplished with my daughter was accompanied by strong connection and trust into divine guidance. The love and compassion you radiate seems to come from very high up.  Thank you Susan, thank you so much!

I am sure we will be in touch as time goes on, there is always more to go, to learn in our lives or the lives of friends and people we meet.

We wish you the best of life Susan, you are a wonderful sister!

We send you this also, so you can take any of these words for your announcements of your work. People should know how good you are ! ! !

Much love, dear woman friend from Varuni.


I found having sessions with Suzanne very healing and beautiful. The deep visualizations she walked me through and the love I was able to access helped to aid healing for my inner child. Susan is very intuitive and knew exactly what to say and what questions I needed to ask at the right time to enable me to go deeper to the core of my issues  and challenges. I felt very safe and secure within her presence and was able to share deeply my feelings, held within a safe container allowing them to be fully expressed which enabled healing to occur.  She put my being at total ease, is very gentle and a deeply compassionate person which has helped me immensely to feel that way for my own inner child. Susan knew what words for me to say to my inner child which helped me release resistance and develop compassion for myself. I was able to become aware of deeply held beliefs that were holding me back and gain clarity and understanding for my healing journey within each session.

Since I have been working with the completion process my life has opened up way beyond what I had anticipated. Everything has became magnified and I was able to see and feel what was holding me back…  beliefs rose to the surface for introspection and issues came up to be resolved which I was able to process. It’s gave me confidence to know I am not stuck within my states of being, I can move beyond them with this beautiful tool. It’s helped me love deeper into my being and help  heal my inner child. I have been able to feel feelings I never thought were possible and explored depths of my being that I never knew existed. I felt my heart reignite as prior to this work, I felt numb and very apathic it feels truly wonderful to feel life again. I feel immense connection with my spirit and a sweetness that fills me.

This process has helped me become aware of my gifts and gave me the confidence that I can give them form and bring them into existence. I used to be so scared of life but now with doing the completion process I no longer feel dread for life. I know I can embrace any challenges that come my way and help my little inner child not to feel so helpless because now there’s a strong loving adult within me. The more I do this work, the more I am able to feel into this part of myself and feel her presence and embody this part of myself which helps me grow in confidence. I believe I am my own savior. I can embrace the light within and be that light in and of the world and keep on evolving and bring forth and give form to that in which ever way it wishes to express which I am working on.

I feel excited again for life excited to know what can and is possible and what more things can come forth from this process. I also had severe social phobia but it no longer rules my life as I feel secure enough within my own being. If it arises I am able to be with it, which feels like a huge weight has been lifted. It once consumed every thought and experience I had.

I feel more connected with my children and have formed a better relationship with them and became loving with them. I also formed a romantic relationship just a few weeks after committing to the completion process which was deeply rooted within love. I didn’t think I would ever be able to share that deep of a connection with someone.  Because I went deep within myself, he was my mirror for where I had evolved into at that point in time. I felt so blessed and honored to have experienced such a deep mystical experience and such deep connection and the depth of love I was able to feel for another being was truly magical.

I also left an old job that was not soul satisfying at all that I had been in for years not having the confidence to even consider leaving it before. I left and trusted then got a job offer from someone I knew that was way more in alignment with what I was now feeling!!!!!

My intention to love gets stronger and stronger. Previously I was too scared to love and felt helpless to change. The Completion Process has helped me not to be scared of feelings. The more I feel, the more I feel alive and become aware of what’s holding me back and for that I am so grateful.

Kelly Wilson England


“I have been on this healing journey for 4 years. I felt like the completion process came into my life at the exact right time. I read the book and started to look for a practitioner. I was drawn to Susan after reading her bio. I contacted her and we met for a free exploratory session. I knew immediately that I needed, yes needed, to work with her. You will know what I am talking about when you meet her. I scheduled a session and what an experience. Immediately after connecting for the session my body began its normal routine of “shaking” off trauma. Susan got right to work and we located the source. The scene was pretty familiar but this time something was watching, something I had not noticed before. We realized quickly that this huge ball of energy was not there for my good and confronted it. After releasing this energy I felt a huge shift inside as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I had been trying for some time to connect with the Mother “good enough part” which after the release I was finally able to do. This changed everything… I am able to more freely work with inner child and other parts of me and heal. I plan on seeing Susan again but her help finding the good enough part opened up a lot for me to work with before my next session. I am living again and not just surviving. That’s huge because I was really stuck. I thank you for sharing your gift with me Susan. If any of this resonates with you I urge you to reach out to Susan and talk to her.”

William S (Former Law Enforcement Detective)


Suzanne is a brilliant practitioner. She guided me through super intense experiences I wouldn’t be able to go through myself. I am struggling with dissociation, anxiety, consequences of emotional neglect and criticism and it is really hard to do the completion process on my own. I would suggest sessions with Susan to anyone, it was such a pleasant experience, her presence, her calmness and ability to radiate the feeling of love and acceptance was so pure that I started to believe I was worthy of presence and love.

B.B. Latvia


I had my first session with Susan today. I was not very optimistic because I had been trying to do this by myself for a couple of weeks. I have spent hours meditating to break through to my inner self with no luck. That being said, Susan is excellent at helping you get to those suppressed emotions! An hour and a half on Skype with Susan and the amount of emotions she helped me to uncover are astonishing. I was hoping for results but I never imagined we would make as much progress as we did. I was kind of scared going into it but I knew it was needed to get past the funk I’ve been in for a while now. I’m so glad I didn’t let my fears control me. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am excited to go through more in another week. I just need to process everything we uncovered today! Thank you so much Susan.

Joy P., Dallas, TX


Thank you so much for all the positive healing energy sent my way! Things are shifting really quickly in my life. I finally understood that I have to dive deep to access true healing. The MS relapse forced me to rethink everything. Since then, I have been focusing on the emotional trauma imprint by doing the Completion Process with Suzanne Hikel. She is an incredibly gifted facilitator who has a unique ability to be emotionally present with the most intense pain. After my first session, I saw all my MS flare up symptoms disappear. My recovery has never been so quick. I’m going into the root of the pain which means I’m accessing very early experiences from infancy and even womb memories. As a result of all this healing work, my frequency is shifting exponentially. On one hand, it’s a positive result, on the other, I am no longer a match to many situations so my life is definitely less chaotic.
If you’re interested in trying the Completion Process, I highly recommend her service!!

Dina V. Georgia


I’m so grateful to have had the honor of working with Susan through this meaningful & life-changing process. Susan is kind, warm, and highly intuitive as you are guided through moving into a safe space and diving into the splintered aspects of your consciousness. After going through the Completion Process with the best support, I have a renewed sense of peace and ease in my heart, and I swear I even recovered a heightened sense of smell! Thank you Susan.



My sessions with Susan made me feel safe comforted with her nurturing presence guiding through the valleys of my shadows , dealing with depression and panic attacks at 16.
I very rarely encounter anxiety to that degree, and healed deep parts of the roots of my depression. I am much more committed to life and feel warmth peace empowerment. I regained connection love with myself and people around me.I feel now like a door opened up for me

Vilde, Norway


Susan is an amazing practitioner and wonderful healer who is sweet, warm, safe, and incredibly loving and empathetic. I’ve done a couple sessions with Susan and I’ve already experienced deeper intimacy and openness in my friendships, more relaxation in my general life and stronger sense of safety in my life (something i haven’t felt too often!), a much easier time opening up to others and a deeper sense of presence and attunement to others, and a stronger connection with life itself!! I highly highly HIGHLYYY recommend working with Susan. Get ready for your life to shift and for your joy to surface!

Sky Evans, CA


Hi Susan, I’d like to share a big change that I’m experiencing since completing our third session. For 7 yrs I didn’t celebrate my birthday. Celebrate means call out friends and have a party. I always just do it quietly with my parents or with my boyfriend. I tell people I don’t want to do a big party, but deep inside i actually don’t feel I deserve people’s time and maybe people don’t want to come.
This year, I’m sending out invitations to all my friends, and we will do Arrow shooting, lunch and Mr. X. It’s a big change for me. I now feel ok to do it and I feel people will want to come!

Suzy W. China


I contacted Susan after starting to have severe anxiety and fear about almost everything in my life. Just after 2 sessions, with her gentle leading, I realized quite a few childhood traumas and beliefs that come from my family and culture effecting my life in general. At our first session, I was quite nervous but as soon as we started, everything flowed so easily and I didn’t realize time was passing. She stayed with me until I felt better even though it took quite long, I thank her for that, she was fully present and gave me the confidence that I will be fine. All is well. The biggest thing I realized in our session was that I was hard on myself. I always needed to be tough and stay strong, not letting myself to cry, grieve and release my emotions. That session was groundbreaking. I am now learning to be kind and soft to myself and everyone else around me. I’m willing to hear, understand and love, starting with myself and the people around me and it is changing everything.


I have another sessions with her today and I look forward to it. I don’t know what will be brought to my attention in this session but I am sure with her warm presence I will open up and gently release my traumas and blockages for a peaceful life. Thank you Susan for helping people and being present with them and validating their emotions. I had such good time working with you.

B.U. Belgium


This was really one of the worst weeks so far this year where just everything seemed to come at me at once. I had to make a huge decision that seemed like it would be the precursor for the rest of my life. I had Susan come up in my search several times when “I let the universe choose my practitioner” so I became curious thinking there must be a reason why.

When we started talking I was a bit nervous but as soon as we started the process this changed. Sue made the very best decision to do a chakra healing and visualization to connect with mother earth which gave me a lot of energetic and mental support that I needed so much after this exhausting week. She was calling in our guides and the angels to help as well and I could feel their calming and loving presence like a soft summer rain showering on me.

I explained to her that I had a feeling of panic which was a sensation of tension in my solar plexus that was forming a ring around my stomach. I tried to be present with that as she instructed. Before we got to the actual core memory I was in a surreal scene that was a representation of the actual trauma which I have suffered.

I was guided to ask, “When was the first time that I felt this way…” and saw my childhood self about three years old in her room. She wasn’t ready to move to a new place and she wanted to take all her things with her that made her feel safe. I validated her feelings and hugged her. I told her it’s alright to feel afraid and that she can take everything with her that she wants. Suddenly there was a box so I let her put things in there. I saw a doll appear which I remember very well and was very important to her so I took very conscious notice of putting it there. She was very willing to come with me to the safe space, holding on to my leg with the doll in one hand. Arriving there we went to my fountain and sunk into the water. I felt the closing over my head sinking in completely. Then the image changed to a surreal sea of a deep blue surrounded by chalk white mountains with a deep orange red sky. We, the girl, the doll and me where floating on the surface like one can on the Dead Sea. I was able to merge completely with the child. When I looked down to my solarplexus the ring of tension had turned golden and the tension was no longer there. After opening my eyes I was feeling very peaceful, grounded and extremely joyful.

I have had two sessions before with another practitioner and I have Teal Swan’s book on the process. It’s so much easier to have someone else guide you. At least for me, it’s easier not to get lost in my mind or with the ego. I always appreciate the loving support of another person who sees things from a different perspective. It seems that healing the trauma in the session was a missing puzzle piece to plan my next step. And I believe that was also the reason why the universe displayed you in the search. I’m very happy that I chose you dear Sue. Thank you so much for helping me in this difficult and dark moment in my life! I found my way back to hope and feel strong enough to move on to the next destiny.

J.D. Germany


“Susan, you are amazing. I never had this type of incredible session with anyone yet. You listened to me, you didn’t judge me (even though my life is such now that everyone starts to judge me harshly after my first word which deepens my emotional trauma even more). After the completion process I felt light and bright inside which I never felt before. It felt like I touched and sensed the real happiness for the first time. Thanks for taking me through the completion process with compassion and care. I just want to say I love you, and thank you from my whole heart. Definitely I will take sessions with you again since I need a trustworthy hand to take me through the process till I’ll be able to do it by myself.”

S.M. California, USA


If any of you out there are seeking someone who can help you figure out, hold space, and validate the root cause of why you are struggling with an emotion or situation in your life, Suzanne Hikel is your gal! She offers one of the most effective forms of therapy to date. It’s called the Completion Process and it was created by Teal Swan. In a nutshell, it is a process of giving presence and validation to the aspects of yourself that have been rejected, suppressed, and denied (usually in early childhood)for the very first time. This is a process of finding and re-owning yourself. Having a practitioner like Suzanne to guide me through it has helped me develop a trust towards myself and others. Ever since my session with her, it feels like I have been snowballing down a mountain of self-discovery and my world has begun to open up. Thank you, Suzanne, for your dedication to this work, for guiding me through it, and for being so cool when I first met you at the Portland Workshop. You’re rad and I love you.                      

Sydney Claire Richard, Louisiana


I have had some sessions with Susanne and she has completely  helped me out beyond verbal description. I would recommend her to anyone interested in doing a completion process session. She is very intuitive and has an ability to be very present and hold space for you, she is also a very sweet and a kind women and I felt comfortable doing some very heavy work with her. If your thinking of doing the completion process, contact Susanne she is quite amazing as a facilitator!

Stacey H. North Austin, Texas


Just had the most amazing session, with completion process practitioner Suzanne Hikel! Words cannot express how tuned in and incredibly gifted she is.

She is one of the most loving beings I have had the pleasure of meeting on this planet.

Her sweet Mother Earth medicine woman presence immediately launched me into my feeling body the minute she opened her mouth and told me what she saw and what she felt.

I haven’t experienced this level of presence before. She is BEYOND the average completion process practitioner. OH, okay.She genuinely CARES and loves EVERY part of you.

If you choose to work with her, get ready to transcend some massive shit and feel more HELD and loved than ever before❤  THANK YOU Suzanne!

Ellis, Houston, TX


I can’t even describe the amount of healing that has been done with Susan just after two sessions. She’s such a warm, insightful, and understanding person. She does an excellent job at guiding you in the process and her unconditional presence allows you to really go to all the aspects that are there which been split. I’ve definitely gone to all kinds of memories from the womb to childhood situations I hadn’t even known were there. She’s helped me to uncover hurt aspects of myself and reach the truth of my soul and I’m so grateful for that. She’s truly a great soul. Thank you so much.

Michael M.


Suzanne is a wonderful practitioner to do the completion process with. She guided me through the session and was completely present with me, reassuring and loving. I felt completely safe and open to talk to her about what I was experiencing every step of the way. After the session finished I felt a great sense of peace, that i had never felt before. It was an incredible experience. She truly is an amazing women! Thank you Suzanne.

Amber, UK


I had a wonderful session with Suzanne Hikel this week and it was an amazing experience. I felt very safe and loved. She made me feel validated and able to express what was on my heart. She was fully present and gave me her undivided attention. I felt relaxed and at ease from the meditation she lead me through at the beginning so it made it really easy to connect with the emotions I was feeling. I was so relaxed that I slept soundly for 4 hrs after our session. I am very thankful for Suzanne’s kindness, compassion, and love and I highly recommend her as a completion process facilitator. She is a nurturing and patient and knows how to help people connect with themselves and resolve the traumas they are struggling with. Thank you Suzanne❤

Besh, CA


Susanne took me on an exciting exploration of the depths of my true hidden self thru guided visualizations that I wouldn’t be able to do on my own.During this beautiful Completion Process I was targeting certain goals and thanks to Susan’s patience and unconditional presence we unveiled some other unexpected hurts and healed them too. In 3 sessions we cleared 4 traumatic matters such as being stuck in hopelessness and some mommy-daddy issues after which my inner child ran back to me with giggly smiles as never before. Priceless! Thank you Susan for this vibrational shift. You literally rewrote the remainder of my life!

Edward, West Virginia


Doing the integrating/ facilitating sessions with Susanne have been quite a surreal experience. I feel a lot more aware of my positive and negative feelings, after having had just a few sessions with her. It has had an impact on me and I have noticed my own inner change in myself and my life as a result. I like how Susanne empowers me by reminding me that I am the one doing the work within me in these sessions and she is only the facilitator. I also like the fact that she encourages you to do the emotional work with yourself when triggers come up in your day to day life.

It’s powerful to do integration on your own but with a facilitator (Susanne) I have noticed quite a change in my reality since doing a few completion process sessions with her. It is indeed powerful and impacting to integrate very early wounds with a facilitator and then see how your reality begins to change around you afterwards

Stacey H. Round Rock, Tx

This is an amazing process. After only one session with Suzanne, many things shifted in me and my life is changing for the better. I highly recommend Suzanne and this work.

Jan R. Georgetown, Tx

Suzanne is a most amazing being of light! She has helped me through some of my darkest hours when I was at my lowest.. Never judging, listening with a loving and kind ear with such compassion! A few years back I had some very serious health issues and as a result I have some brain trauma . I know that sometimes I am a handful .. lol and am “hard to reach” but Suzanne carefully executed the Completion Process with me .. she has been patient in teaching me how I can help myself using the steps and techniques.. Sometimes it takes me a great deal of time to grasp the steps of how to do a process, so instead of making me feel intimidated, she encourages me to find ways to help myself!! Thank you Suzanne for having such a loving, caring and compassionate heart!

Katherine Trinite, Round Rock, Tx

I had two sessions with Susan about a year ago and they both were ground breaking, and opened up my life for me to start experiencing more where I felt stagnant before. I’ve made leaps and bounds since then! Thank you Susan!

*Nova* aka Jamie Rysewyk