The Completion Process is A Transformative Journey

NO ONE ESCAPES the pain and stress of experiencing negative emotions on this planet. Unless you’re not a human, somebody or situation will eventually trigger feelings of anger, sadness or frustration. Often we don’t understand why we feel the way we do or why we feel over emotional and over-react. It makes no logical sense and we wonder where these emotions come from!

What if I told you that there is always a reason you feel the way you do but the answers might not be on a conscious level for you access. Finding these answers are important if they are a source of pain and keep you from moving forward. Those very same emotions you don’t want to feel are often the compass that lead you to the answers your looking for! Learning how to access the source of repeating negative emotions and how to release them is at the heart of the Completion Process. This powerful process will shift the energy of powerlessness to that of becoming the pilot of one’s own life!

After working many years with people from all walks of life, one of the most fulfilling moments in a session is when I witness somebody realizing their own power. The light of understanding enlightens their soul when they recognize they had the tools to help themselves all along. Many clients came to me like war-weary soldiers returning from years on the battle field seeking rest from a soul full of turmoil, conflict and emotional pain and don’t know why. They seek inner peace and want to learn to be the master of their own destiny. They can’t understand why they feel stuck and want to get unstuck desperately from unpleasant states of being.

With each session, it becomes easier and easier to see this as layers are peeled back of false beliefs and fears surrounding past wounds… until the day finally comes when they say, “I like being me!” It is the greatest most self- loving inner work any one can do… to be willing to go into the shadows and source of the emotional pain so it can be released into the light of awareness so it can be integrated. A new consciousness is born. This is the beginning of Ascension and rebirth of the whole being. I invite you to set up a 30 minute free consultation with me to see if this process is for you. I honor you for seeking to heal yourself and look forward to connecting with you!

In Love and Light,



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