Enjoy these videos and get to know Teal Swan,
her work and wonderful Self-Help videos for emotional healing.

8 steps to stopping a panic attack

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How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Give Rise To Who You Truly Are


Energy Medicine with Donna Eden

Daily 5 minute Energy routine to move out trauma, unblock stuck energies and keep them flowing!

Quick Energy Technique to bring down Stress

If you are feeling angry or frustrated, Blow Out The Venom is for you!
You can even use your voice in this technique to emphasize what it is
you are feeling frustrated or irritated about!
Follow along with Dondi and get ready to feel the release.

Calm the “Fight Or Flight” response (Triple Warmer meridian.) Immediately brings Deep Sense of Calm to Entire Body and Eases Overwhelming Emotions. Next time you feel anxious, or want to do the Completion Process on your own, try holding these powerful neurovascular points on your head!

fear the unknown