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Are you happy with your life? Are you content with only half-living?  Are you ready to change old belief systems and habits that no longer serve you? Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns and you don’t know why? Do you struggle with emotional turmoil and negative self-talk? 

If your ready to get yourself moving in a positive direction QUICKLY, than this process is for you!

Emotional shadow integration work is a tool to reprogram your subconscious in a powerful way. You can discover who you really are. Many of us are operating on old software programs and filters created as children. I have been facilitating hundreds of people since 2015 and have seen powerful transformations!  

A  session is typically 1.5 hours to 2 hours… at times longer, sometimes shorter. When there is closure.

How to Prepare physically for a session

Please find a private, quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. (Sorry Coffee shops don’t work)

Choose a chair where you can truly relax and be comfortable. A bed or sofa is OK in a semi-reclining position. It’s best if I can see the front or side view of your face.

Cell Phones must be turned off. Make sure you will be uninterrupted by family and friends for the session.

To prepare emotionally and spiritually.

I encourage you to explore creating a space of openness within yourself.  Notice and observe what may surface as the session approaches. Be the observer… practice watching what may bubble up physically, emotionally and mentally, especially the fearful thoughts that will most likely pop up.

Write down these experiences as our session gets closer. This is a bridge we must all cross. The mind will try to convince you are making a mistake, it’s too scary, etc… Our mind is full of projections and stories and is used to being in control and have us believe everything it says. It is a powerful magician. You’ll discover anxiety might start building as well as the ego and mind doesn’t like to be out of it’s comfort zone and fears what it doesn’t know! Reassure yourself your going to learn how to be present with yourself and that’s it!  

We are working with the premise that our inner healer, or inner wisdom, will be guiding this process. I am a facilitator holding space with you for you and my job is continually reconnecting you back to this inner guide.  You are not just your mind. You are not just your emotions. You are not just your body. These are all aspects of YOU but not all of you. In our session, you will be introduced to the Inner YOU, the real you that is not affected by space, time or experiences of life.  This is your forever being.    

After a session I encourage quiet time, meditation, journaling, time in nature, or any other practice which you find valuable and supportive to your inner exploration. This anchors into your subconscious that you consider it important what you experienced and your subconscious will offer more insights and aha moments! Schedule a time when you do not have to go to work right after as you will need time to rest and process. 

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I am not taking new clients at this time till after August 16th. Regular clients will be weekends only. Message me please. 

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