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Greetings! The fact that you are here tells me you are seeking wholeness. What is The Completion Process? The Completion Process is a very effective technique to integrate unconscious “shadows” (Carl Jung term)  or as the indigenous call it, “Soul Parts Retrieval.”  When one has suffered deep core emotional wounding that causes one’s consciousness to fragment and the heart to break the only true healing I believe is Divine in nature.

Susanne Oliver-Hikel

I am a mother and grandmother with a deep passion for healing and the sacred.  I am a certified Reflexologist and ordained minister and what brings me joy like no other is witnessing a human reconnecting with their inner light and reclaim their power!  What I offer is, “Spirit medicine journeys” for the WHOLE BEING, because if one aspect of our being is out of alignment, it affects the whole person.

Many suffer because they are stuck in negative patterns, thoughts and emotions caused by stressful or traumatic events in their life and a part of the soul has left the body. This is called dissociation in psychology circles. The energy signature of the wound becomes surpressed in the body and like a skipping CD , whenever something similar triggers you in the present moment, such as a smell, sound or situation with somebody, your “safety alarm bell” goes off  and there you are experiencing the same strong negative emotions from the original wound and not understanding why. Until the original stressful moment is processed, released or acknowledged, the trigger or negative emotions will continue until you face them. The dissociated part is actually holding those emotions to keep you safe and is just waiting for you to get the SOS message, “I need help!” Where you got off is where I help you get back on!

My path as a healer evolved organically motivated by a deep desire to heal my own psyche. My life journey HAS BEEN my healing path. Being a very sensitive child with a harsh mother set me up for “soul loss” early in life.  (Bless Mom, she did her best and is now on the other side learning and growing I’m sure.) Trauma is a spectrum and what causes one stress and dissociation may not be the same for another. Having made a habit of dissociation for a survival skill, it was easy for me not to be present and aware of when others were exploiting or manipulating me. This set me up later to easily be sucked into a high control religious community which later I would recognize was a cult. My journey has been discovering and rescuing my disowned “parts” and emotions I didn’t want to feel. The Completion Process was the missing piece I had been searching for.  Here was a practical way to access the emotional wounds, that I knew were at the root of my problems with chronic anxiety.

There are no short cuts to healing. Escaping what we don’t want to feel through alcohol, drugs, sex or filling our life and mind with constant activity when there is a big part of us screaming for help will only put off what eventually can’t be ignored and will hinder your life in many ways. What I have gained is an understanding and knowing that everything experienced as negative in our life will be used for good in the end strengthening us in a way we can’t imagine if we allow yourself to be open to healing.

A session with me is a journey of Self Discovery and Empowerment into your inner world. If your desire to heal is stronger than your fear of what you might discover, you WILL find the real essence of you still inside untouched and waiting for you to reconnect. For many of us, our life has become filtered through the layers of emotional and mental blocks which create unconscious patterns, habits and beliefs, that are distortions of the true reality of your life and who you are. 

Are you moving toward and manifesting your dreams and discovering your purpose? My Heart Medicine sessions are journeys meant to uplift and support emotionally. It is not psychotherapy. It is a tool that will bring enlightenment and new perspective to one’s life. And  a very brave, huge step to loving yourself!

Take a peek at the Loving Reviews page from my clients and see if this process is for you. I work with folks of all ages and many countries outside the US using skype. This process can also be done on the phone if it is in the USA.

quoteFirst step is to set up a complimentary 30 minute appointment…let’s discover if you are a match for this process!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Susan 💜

“Suzanne is a brilliant practitioner. She guided me through super intense experiences I wouldn’t be able to go through myself. I am struggling with dissociation, anxiety, consequences of emotional neglect and criticism and it is really hard to do the completion process on my own. I would suggest sessions with Susan to anyone, it was such a pleasant experience, her presence, her calmness and ability to radiate the feeling of love and acceptance was so pure that I started to believe I was worthy of presence and love.”

B.B. Latvia





Susan and Teal at Practitioner training

“I think the human race is going to evolve into a more peaceful race. And this process of healing from old personal trauma is a significant and necessary step in that evolution. So I think what Teal is teaching the whole world will be using in 15 years or less.”

– Yasin Choudry, Integrative